Onnit Shroom Tech vs Real Mushrooms


We conduct a comparison between two leading mushroom supplement brands – Onnit Shroom Tech and Real Mushrooms – and present our findings so that you can be a better-informed consumer. Read on for a head-to-head comparison.

Mushrooms are one of the best-known superfoods, and they are packed with health benefits.  Not only are they high in protein and low in carbohydrates, but mushrooms are a natural antibiotic, and they reduce the risk of cancer. This superfood also promotes a healthier immune system, boosts memory function, and helps fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Unfortunately, you would have to eat more than your fill of mushrooms to reap all the benefits. Fortunately, science has found a way to pack all those great nutrients into mushroom supplements. However, it’s important to do your research before you choose the mushroom supplement that’s right for you.  We’ll review two leading brands: Onnit Shroom Tech and Real Mushrooms.

Onnit Total Gut Health capsules

Onnit Shroom Tech vs Real Mushrooms:

Key ingredients

Eastern medicine has incorporated medicinal mushrooms for centuries to treat everything from heart disease to low energy. To be effective, a mushroom supplement must have certain key ingredients.

  • Beta-D-glucans: These polysaccharides are found in the cell walls of several varieties of mushrooms, including Reishi, Turkey Tail, shiitake, and maitake. You’ll also find them in oats, barley, and yeast. These compounds boost immunity.
  • Triterpenoids: These antioxidants help ward off cancer as well as bacterial and viral diseases. They also reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Reishi mushrooms are an excellent source of triterpenoids.
  • Ergosterol: This immune-boosting compound is highest in button, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms. These amino acids are excellent antioxidants and help the body fight cancer and common allergies.

Many of Onnit Shroom Tech’s mushroom products contain blends of different mushrooms and other ingredients.  Onnit Shroom Tech Immune contains shiitake, Reishi, and maitake mushrooms, but don’t confuse it with Onnit Shroom Tech Sport, which aims to boost your energy levels. The capsules in the sports version contain other ingredients, like hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, rice hull concentrate, dicalcium phosphate, dextrin, mineralized red algae, and maltodextrin.

You’ll find the essential health-promoting ingredients in the fruiting body of the mushroom, not the mycelium. The mycelium is the root system of mushrooms, and many supplements that use this part of the mushroom often contain useless fillers.  Real Mushrooms is a Canada-based company best known for its potent mushroom products that are free of mycelium and fillers.  All Real Mushrooms products contain the essential compounds listed above, and this brand can guarantee the effectiveness of its supplements with a promise that it lists the percentage of beta-glucans on its labels.  When it comes to ingredients, Real Mushrooms is the clear winner.      

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Onnit Shroom Tech vs Real Mushrooms:


A bottle of Onnit Shroom Tech Immune (90 capsules) will cost you about $48 and last you 45 days. A bottle of Onnit Shroom Tech Sport (84 capsules) costs $56, but since the dosage calls for four capsules before exercise, a bottle will only last you 21 days. Other products worth looking at:

Onnit Alpha Brain: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) will cost you $79.95. This nootropic supports cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.

Total Human: A 30-day supply (60 packets) will cost you $137.95. This is Onnit Shroom Tech’s most popular product because it combines essential vitamins in both a daily and nightly dose to help with mental clarity and relaxation.

Onnit Shroom Tech Greens: A 30-day supply (30 packets) costs $59.95.In addition to organic cordyceps, Reishi, king trumpet, shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, Onnit Shroom Tech Greens contains a blend of organic kale, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, barley, and parsley. This supplement promises to boost your energy levels and immune system by providing all the essential benefits of eating a day’s worth of veggies. This powder is not flavored, so you can add it to your smoothie or scrambled eggs.

Onnit Shroom Tech greens are made up of mushrooms.

Real Mushrooms offers several varieties, each with a recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day. The options include:

  • Lion’s Mane: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) costs $34.95. This product contains more than 30% beta-glucans to boost the immune system, improve memory and help fight cancer.
  • 5 Defenders: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) costs $34.95. This blend of extracts of Reishi, shiitake, maitake, Turkey Tail, and Chaga boosts the immune system and increases energy levels.
  • Reishi: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) costs $34.95. This promising product contains more than 15% beta-glucans and 4% triterpenes to fight fatigue, improve mood, and boost the immune system.
  • Cordyceps: A 60-day supply (120 capsules) costs $29.95. Extracted from the caps and stems of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms (not the mycelium), this supplement provides an energy boost.
  • Turkey Tail: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) costs $34.95. This product contains more than 30% beta-glucans to help fight cancer and boost the immune system.
  • Chaga: A 60-day supply (120 capsules) costs $29.95. Chaga improves digestive health, lowers cholesterol, and balances blood sugar levels.
  • Tremella: A 60-day supply (120 capsules) costs $29.95. This product is made from Tremella fuciformis mushrooms, which improve skin texture, energy levels, and sleep patterns.
  • Mushroom D2Z: A 60-day supply (120 capsules) costs $29.95. This natural sleep aid contains vitamin D (ergocalciferol from Agaricus bisporus mushrooms) in addition to zinc, Chaga, and Reishi mushrooms to boost energy levels and help you sleep better.
  • Ergo+: A 60-day supply (60 capsules-one per day) costs $29.95. It contains L-Ergothioneine, shiitake, and oyster mushroom extract to help with stamina and energy.
  • Mushroom D2: A 120-day supply (60 capsules-one per day) costs $14.95. Some people pair this vitamin D supplement with 5 Defenders to boost the immune system and get a better night’s sleep.
  • Realclarity: A 45-day supply (90 capsules) costs $34.95. This is a blend of Lion’s Mane with ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and bacopa extracts.  It helps with memory, mental clarity, and anxiety.
  • Realboost: A 30-day supply (60 capsules) costs $34.95. This blend of cordyceps mushroom with guayusa and ginseng extractshelps with focus and memory as it boosts energy.
  • Realrest: A 30-day supply (60 capsules) costs $34.95. This blend of Reishi, valerian, and lemon balm helps you get a good night’s sleep.
Onnit Shroom Tech sports dietary supplements for daily usage.

Keep in mind, all of these supplements come in powder form that you can easily add to your morning coffee or breakfast, although many customers prefer the capsules for convenience.  Overall, Real Mushrooms emerges as the winner when it comes to cost.  If you hope to experience the benefits of effective mushroom supplements at a reasonable price, then Real Mushrooms is your choice.  

Onnit Shroom Tech vs Real Mushrooms:

Refund policy

Real Mushrooms ranks as one of the top mushroom supplements, but reviewers warn that the money-back guarantee is limited to 30 days and covers only unopened bottles and packages.

Onnit Shroom Tech will give you a refund, but only after you try the product for at least two weeks to see if you benefit from it.  Overall, it isn’t easy to take advantage of the refund policies of either of these products; however, both seem pretty standard for the industry.  The rules seem clearer with Real Mushrooms’ refund policy, so at least you know what you need to do in order to get your money back.

Onnit Shroom Tech vs Real Mushrooms:

The verdict

While Onnit Shroom Tech makes some bold claims about its products, this brand does not offer a guarantee that its products contain the essential mushroom compounds that boost health.  Real Mushrooms offers a guarantee that its supplements are made from whole mushrooms, without mycelium or grains that might compromise quality and effectiveness.  Overall, Real Mushrooms offers a higher quality product at a lower price point, and this brand stands out as the clear winner. 

mushrooms and a bottle with mushroom capsule supplements.

If you choose to try mushroom supplements, you can enjoy them in capsule or powder form.  You can always add a mushroom powder to your breakfast smoothie, scrambled eggs, or even your coffee.  You don’t have to swallow a daily pill to reap the benefits of Real Mushrooms.  With so many varieties of medicinal mushrooms that deliver profound and lasting health benefits, these supplements can deliver a breakfast of champignons. Is that French?                        

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Important Note: The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health


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