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Adaptogens are mushrooms and plants that help your body to de-stress and maintain a steady state. In this article we discuss some adaptogenic mushrooms and their interesting and unique properties.

Chronic stress is a big deal these days. In fact, a lot of long-term health issues are rooted in chronic stress. Adaptogens are emerging as a solution to this problem. But what are they?

Adaptogens are a group of plant-derived ingredients known to help the body adapt to and combat stress. They work by helping to lower cortisol levels in the blood. (Cortisol is the “stress hormone” that causes the physiological stress response.) Side effects of high cortisol and stress levels include high blood pressure, weight gain, and heart trouble.

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This is where adaptogens, and specifically, adaptogenic mushrooms, enter the picture: they can help alleviate many of these symptoms. Adaptogenic mushrooms are revered for their antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. However, there are quite a lot of options, and it may feel overwhelming to try to choose the right adaptogenic mushrooms for your needs. Read on to discover more about these helpful fungi.

Adaptogenic mushrooms:

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is a popular adaptogenic mushroom that is sometimes even used in salads. It is found throughout East Asia and has been used for centuries for its health properties. Most notably, these adaptogenic mushrooms are well-liked for reducing anxiety. Not only are they anti-inflammatory for the whole body, but they have some function in the hippocampus, which helps alleviate anxiety from stress.

The hippocampus plays a role in emotional regulation, so Lion’s Mane is very beneficial for individuals who struggle with emotions during times of stress. Also, Lion’s Mane can support digestion, which is a big plus since stress can weaken gut health. These adaptogenic mushrooms are also known for their ability to support mental function; some studies have even suggested that Lion’s Mane can help protect against dementia.

Lion's mane mushroom

Adaptogenic mushrooms:


Reishi is a lesser-known yet powerful adaptogenic mushroom. It has been used in China for centuries, although it isn’t commonly found in the wild. This mushroom is sometimes called “the mushroom of immortality” because it has so many benefits. Its primary adaptogenic function is helping the body adapt to stress by regulating energy levels and the natural stress response system. Additionally, Reishi mushrooms are a good source of triterpenes, which support the immune system, provide antiviral properties, and promote good gut health, all of which are crucial in preventing the physiological effects of stress.

Fresh Reishi Mushroom.

Incorporating adaptogenic mushrooms into your life

For those who harbor a strong dislike for eating mushrooms, fret not; there are many ways to reap the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms. There are powders, drink mixes, and more; however, the easiest (and tastiest) way to consume adaptogenic mushrooms might be through a gummy supplement. Luckily, there are some fantastic options on the market.

Troop Mushrooms is a trustworthy, premiere brand that offers excellent products featuring adaptogenic mushrooms. The products are vegan, organic, and gluten-free, making them accessible to individuals with all kinds of dietary needs. Their products are also dual-extracted, and this process ensures that Troop customers get the most nutrients possible from the mushrooms. Plus, Troop is committed to sustainability, and all its products are shipped in recyclable packaging.

Troop Mushrooms has the adaptogenic mushroom supplement to end all supplements: the Super Troop. Super Troop has the benefits of six adaptogenic mushrooms packed into one yummy gummy: Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake (for maintaining blood pressure), Chaga (for an antioxidant boost), Cordyceps (for improving energy), and Turkey Tail (for immune support). These ingredients work together to create the ultimate adaptogenic mushroom gummy that supports stress relief, mental clarity, and overall health. This delicious supplement a great way to get all the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms without actually having to eat them. Troop Mushrooms also offers single mushroom supplements (like their Lion’s Mane gummy for a brain boost) for individuals wanting more targeted benefits.

Raw Organic Maitake Mushrooms

It might be time to try adaptogenic mushrooms

Adaptogenic mushrooms can be important components of any stress relief regimen. They help the body balance the effects of stress, supporting better health and resiliency. And, with products like the ones from Troop Mushrooms, anyone can reap the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms. If you haven’t incorporated adaptogenic mushrooms into your daily routine, it might be time to consider adding them to your supplement arsenal.

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